Has anyone tried re-voicing AI with Synth V?


Has anyone tried using re-voicing AI apps with Synth V?

If so, what did you use and did it work for you?


I haven’t tried it yet since I’m not interested in voice to voice yet, but I think it would depend on the quality of the voice to voice program more than anything

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Thanks for the reply, feral

Yes, you’re probably right. I think I need to run a few experiments :slight_smile:

I have done this and all the available tools worked fine. I used RVC.

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I’ve done my experiments with RVC

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Thank you for the replies! I’ll give RVC a try.

Yes i’m trying Audimee right now :blush: it’s amazing :pray:t3: i love it :heart: i really liked Saros, but i uploaded Saros and tried a few other voices and it sounds great :+1:t3::pray:t3:

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Great, I’ll give that a try too. Thanks!

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