Synth V crashes shortly after playback / cannot input notes

I’ve been using SVS without a license for a while but recently after playback the entire application closes with no warning, this happens only with some files but not others, making it so that some .svp files cannot be opened at all.

Another thing that recently started happening is the fact that I cannot input or edit notes. I’ve tried several times to select the note creation tool but it either doesn’t work or switches back to selection.

I currently run it on Mac OS, if it’s needed I can provide the software version. Really curious if this is happening because I don’t have a license or some other issue. Any ideas?

Please updating the software version, and then try again, the latest software version is 1.0.8.
If this is still the case, it is recommended that you submit the SVP project file here to troubleshoot the issue.

To create a note in the piano roll, be sure to make sure you’re in note editing mode, refer to the following diagram:

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I updated the software and opened one of the troublesome files but it still closed upon playback. I’m linking the files here as I can’t upload the zip itself.