Does the Digital Mic Peak?

I’m working on a loudish song with 3 voices in Studio Basic, and the only way I can describe the sound is that the mic “peaks”, and sounds kinda crackly or like a bass-boosted meme.
Here’s the svp: hackwriterloremipsem.svp - Google ドライブ
And here’s the Mix Down: hackwriter_MixDown.wav - Google ドライブ
Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!

SynthV will generate clipped audio if you’re not careful. It currently will not generate a warning when that happens - it simply clips the audio, which is likely what you’re hearing.

Changing the bit depth won’t fix this. Turning down the volume will.

There are multiple places where you can adjust the volume:

  • In the Voice panel, under Parameters, there’s a Loudness value.
  • In the Parameters timeline, you can dynamically adjust the Loudness.
  • In the Track, there’s an option to adjust the voice volume.
  • In the Settings panel, there’s a Master Gain control.

I’ve put in a request that it generate a warning of the audio clips (it’s not hard to do from a programming standpoint). An option to “auto normalize” the output might also be nice - or at least be automatically turned on when the audio is too loud, to avoid clipping.

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Ok. Thanks for the help!