Voicebank won't appear in the track

I am currently struggling with the commands (partly because I have no idea how to use linux) Could you possibly made a tutorial? If not that’s okay"

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I’ll try! Just note that i don’t have any social media so I won’t be able to post on youtube or anything.I will see if I can upload videos to here.Other than that, I have 2 questions for you.

  1. Have you already installed Synthv?(Note that I’m expecting basic, but if it’s not, let me know)

  2. What voicebank(s) would you like to install?There are slightly different commands for each one.

I am using the trial of the full version, I am trying to install eleanor forte lite and her file name is eleanor-lite-install-100.svpk
should I re-name it?

No, I will work on a tutorial though.I will get back to you in a matter of hopefully a few hours or less.

Thank you, I am really just trying to do this so I can show people chromebooks arn’t that useless.

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Can you send me a screenshot of the layout of your Synthesizer V?When I downloaded the free trial, it seemed to look different than what I’m used to.


I don’t understand the interface of that version of SynthV.
This is the version I do understand(Photo By GHOST/Ghost and Pals)

I can help you download the basic version if you’d like

Yeah I have the gen 1 realease of synth v installed, I did not have a tutorial for the newer realeases.

Do you have Menulibre installed?Also, have you set your crostini flag to Bullseye?(Example)

I will see if I can help you download and install voicebanks onto the basic version, as that is what I’m familiar with.

Yes, in the tutorial I watched that was the first thing I had to do, so yes, I have it set to bullseye

Ok, then am assuming you used the tutorial by ChromeOs Made Simple?I used that as a large reference to install my first linux apps.

Yes I did, is that bad?

No there is no problem with that, they have pretty good and detailed tutorials.I was actually the one who requested the tutorial, after seeing their UTAU tutorial.The only thing is that the tutorial seemed to already be outdated even when they first published it.

Wait you can get utau on chromebook?

Yes, though it doesn’t work very well.You can’t input hirigana characters or use japanese voicebanks and USTs. It also requires more skill, because you need to install wine, which makes it so you can run windows applications on linux.I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner, because that was one of the first tutorials by them I followed, and it took awhile.

I think i’ll just stick with synthv. So I have it installed but i still don’t know how to add voicebanks.

Could you help me install the basic version of synthv?

Ok! Finally finished the tutorial! This includes both how to install SynthV Basic and Eleanor Forte Lite. Here is the link to the google doc:https://docs.google.com/document/d/158A0_YnQsho2nB-squAruS_whsHD21OEm1rchB4qbXk/edit?usp=sharing

Let me know if something doesn’t work. I’ll see what I can do!