Script: Shift notes with all params - SynthV crash workaround

In cooperation with @Stemmer and @Floris I made a script to overcome a bug in shifting many notes with params at once, when SynthV crashes probably due a memory issue (see Where is Sync-Parameter Mode gone?)

It moves selected notes (it is sufficient to select only the 1st and last) with all associated params (no need to select) by choosen amount of measures / quarters / time (accepts also fractional amounts).

It gets a signature from a measure of the 1st note only - if the signature changes during time it should be shifted per parts or by quarters.

Here is a link to GitHub page
and here a direct link to download the script

I hope it helps.


I have just tested it on the song that got me started with this crash -thread and i am happy to report that this script is a life-saver ( or song-saver) . It allows for much more than simple moving. Very precise shifts are possible.
Thanks very much hataori!

I will dive into scripting too. Very inspiring!


Hi, I have imported your script into SynthV but I keep getting an error ; line 4 - character 15 - error, ‘:’ is expected- code 800A03EB - source, compilation error microsoft script. I copied the text of your link and copied it to notepad and saved it with the extension .js. Did I do something wrong somewhere?

It is in Lua - you have to give it an extension .lua

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Sorry, I have no noalge from scripts. So, I have now saved the script of the link with .lua extension in the Utilities folder? In the script menu of SynthV you see at real voice ;RV Shift Notes & Params. Is the script you made some sort of addition to the SynthV script because I don’t see your script appearing in the menu?
What I’m actually looking for is when you manually move the notes that the parameters just move along with it?. I work in Cubase DAW and there it is drag and drop the notes where you want them and everything that goes with it follows, very easy and fast. Is that something a script can be made for?

No, scripts can’t do drag & drop operations.

For moving notes with parameters select some notes and then use command from main menu Edit / Select Parameters for Notes (or ctrl - alt - A) and move everyting together.

There was a bug when moving too many notes, but it should be fixed now in latest update.

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Thanks, I can live with the key commands :slight_smile:

You are a blessing to this software

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