How to get an effect like Piapro's Voice Drive?

So, I don’t know when Dreamtonics are planning to return glottal effects panel. I need it right now. Is there a way to get or buy Voicedrive from piapro? It seem like it’s not there for free edition. Don’t need to buy all piapro soft just for one plugin.

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I could be wrong but isn’t Voicedrive in piapro a parameter function (like Vocaloids growl or SynthVs tension) not a external plugin?

If you have a pro license for SV studio, there is a couple of ‘growl’ plugins, though mixed results with the new HDVM feature. (You can also manually replicate it by drawing very short,fast,compact waves in the pitch parameter)

the ‘cl’ phoneme also sometimes will do a voice break/crack on some AI voices (solaria in particular seems to do it)

I remember there was a free external VST plugin that was popular to use years ago (I can’t recall the name) to add a growl/screaming effect, but it was very ‘heavy’ and mostly used for metal type screams.

What are you trying to do exactly and with what VB? If the VB has enough ‘power’, maybe play around with the tension/tone shift maybe even voicing parameters?

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These scripts are currently the best options for SynthV, but as was mentioned above, they were made for older versions of SynthV Studio and recent updates have made them less reliable.

The only alternative would be some sort of post-processing effect applied in the DAW.

It is suprising, but if you own Miku NT, within the files for piapro nt, you can find a vst called something along the lines of voicedrive.vst3, which can then be used in a daw with pretty much any vocal synth, or any audio for that matter.

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This is VoiceDrive, as author of this cover said. Sounds perfect for nearly no tweaking, because it’s just a simple automation in DAW. I heard about Growl Script, but it has to be tweaked a lot, because there is no easy way of automation and then editing existing curves

Didn’t know about 2nd option yet, will try it out, thanks