Synthesizer V AI ASTERIAN 英文男声正式发布,Eclipsed Sounds 宣布延长预购活动到 12 月 9 日,现在还可以 10 美元的折扣获得 ASTERIAN !

ASTERIAN 擅长音域在 E2- B4 之间,拥有 Clear / Warm / Gentle / Strained / Rough / Open / CLosed / Passionate / Theatrical 共 9 个声线,同样也支持跨语言合成,以日文和中文演唱。

ASTERIAN 的所有试听已更新:

别忘了这首与 SOLARIA 合唱的歌曲:

还有 ASTERIAN 最终音域范围和 9 个声线的展示:



Is it just me or is VIBRATO very much loved by the producers of Asterian? I do appreciate that in Japanese or Chinese songs vibrato can play a very important role but in the demo songs above the man just sounds “old”. It WAY too waves to be a believable western English vocalist. I do hope that when I buy it ( I have bought 6 voices so far) I can turn that vibrato down also for instant Mode. If not that would be a waste of my time and money.

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Vibrato in Instant Mode is based on machine learning analysis of the voice provider’s singing style. Asterian uses a lot of vibrato because Eric Hollaway uses a lot of vibrato. Eric Hollaway is American, so it has nothing to do with Japanese or Chinese singing styles.

You can reduce the vibrato by reducing the “Expressiveness” setting in the AI Retakes panel, but if you really dislike vibrato you should probably work with Instant Mode disabled.

The first note here is default Instant Mode vibrato, the second has reduced Expressiveness.



Thanks Claire, not using instant mode makes for a lot more work so I am not sure if this voice is for me then. That being said I also found the newer versions of solaria and Eleanor much too vibratory (!?) :wink: in 1.7 . I still have to switch to 1.8 from 1.6.1. I know you told me that i. am select versions now, just too burned by the initial vast problems when trying v to edit older material in the newer versions. I bought natalie so i will have to switch soon . thanks again for your quick response !

One option, since the AI-generated tuning with Instant Mode is based on the vocalist, is to select a vocalist you like the behavior of (say, Solaria), and then disable Instant Mode to “lock in” the Solaria tuning. Then switch the vocalist to Asterian.

The main limitation here is that you’ll have to manually run Auto Pitch Tuning for any future changes to the notes, since Instant Mode will no longer be enabled to recalculate the pitches as you work, however you can use this method to “transplant” a singing style from one voice to another.

It might also be worth mentioning that with Pro edition the Auto Pitch Tuning has more options than normal Instant Mode when run manually, including separate vibrato sliders in addition to the normal expressiveness slider, so this may be preferable if you want the benefit of AI-generated tuning but less vibrato in general.



Hi, I bought Asterian after realising that as you so beautifully pointed out here : The vibrato is in his voice ( I listened to the real man) but it can be dampened to an acceptable level. I do think the lower registers are a bit “too much” as far as cochlear sounds are concerned but all in all a good addition to the great reportoire of Synth V.