First Italian Dictionary

I am happy to share with you my first Italian dictionary.
To be copied and pasted into each of the folders located in “dicts,” so that it can be used with all the “singers” you have available.
These are composite words, syllables and sentences (I used both English and Japanese).
By then clicking on the notes you can choose the language to have the chosen “word” sung.
This is still a work in progress, but detailed enough for you to try your hand at it and be able to get some decent results.

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@Blancanegra here is the link for the Dictionary


how to use this?

Supposing you want to write a song in Italian, you must know how to italian sounds :grinning: than you have to load the Dictionary (after installing it in the “dicts” folder of SynthV) into the Dictionary section of the Virtual singer (following also the screenshots i’ve sent) and start writing lyrics . Having written and hit play, if you don’t hear a sound out of a note you have to change the sung language (as in the screenshot) either in Japanese or in English.
Hope this helps you.

I’m Spanish and I’m used to how Italian sounds, it’s very similar!

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Thank you for the feedback. @Blancanegra and @ all the others, if you like it, please stay tuned…, it will become even more detailed, since we’ll try to bring more updates in the time.

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I did this quick opera test with Asterian:

Nessun Dorma

Not using your dictionary, just English defaults and custom rolling R words added to a dictionary.

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Bene, bravo

Italian Dictionary Updated, 18/12/2022.
ITALIANO.json (178,1 KB)

Udate from 2/Jan/2023:
Upd_2:Jan:2023_ITALIANO.json (180,4 KB)

Ti scrivo in inglese.

I still have to buy pro (and voices, probably will be today later or tomorrow).
Some questions:

The folders inside “dicts” are being created when installing full voices? (i ask because with the basic version the folder is emply).

Second: installing your italiano.json file and - as i undestand - selecting english or japanese to have italian is (or not) interfering with normal english (or japanese) dictionaries?


Dicts folder usually will be created when you are using a voice and then chose to make a “new” Dictionary. Then you will have no more “empty” and for second question, it will not interfere at all, just when you are ment to write japanese phoneme you have to chose Japanese output , as you wouldn’t hear anything otherwise and for english phoneme you have to select english output. Hope this helps. I will be more clear if needed.

Buon divertimento!

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see below my answers :wink:

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Grazie, indago :slight_smile:

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Dictionaries work the same in Basic and Pro.

Dictionaries will have no effect unless you select them from the dropdown.


Scusa l’OT:
finisco il checkout e solaria è out of stock… :slightly_frowning_face:
Sai per caso se si riforniscono periodicamente di licenze?

You can purchase directly from Eclipsed Sounds instead:


Yup, i noticed that, but for fiscal reasons (buying as a company) i prefer to get it here (where VAT is treated in an easy way).

In that case you can contact Eclipsed Sounds and ask about restocking: [email protected]

edit: Solaria is now back in stock on the Dreamtonics Store


@dhstsw , Claire is right. They are very kind at eclipsed sounds and will answer any questions you have, you will accurately get the information you are looking for

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