Count-In for MIDI Recording

Currently, turning on MIDI record causes the recording to start immediately.

But if you’re doing a punch-in, or starting mid-phrase, there’s no time to move your hands from the computer keyboard to the MIDI keyboard. It also doesn’t give a sense of tempo.

It would be nice to have a 1 or 2 bar lead in, like in Reaper. That is, have it start playing one or two measures before the current point, but not start the actual recording until it’s reached the start point.

It might also be nice to have a punch-in option where it records only for a set number of beats. Normally for a punch-in you specify a selection, but SynthV doesn’t allow the selection of a range, so the end point would have to be set in a dialog.

EDIT: It looks like there are loops in SynthV now. Obviously punching in on loops would be good.


I agree David.
– I would like to add an arm feature so when using as a plugin it you can arm record and when you hit play on the DAW SynthV would be in recording

Yes a pre count would be good, but to be able to be synced with the DAW and record from the Daw would with that pre count would be better still.

Only “better” if you’re using VSTi version of the editor.

Keep in mind that many users only use the stand-along version of the editor.

And Midi Recording Additions