Muting notes

Is this possible?

There is no feature for this, but you can do it by adding notes that overlap with the ones you want to be muted since the software will not synthesize any audio for overlapping notes.

For example, you can add a note overlapping a phrase you want “muted” in order to temporarily disable the notes.


This seems fairly basic. When trying to create vocal harmonies there’s a lot of guesswork in trying to figure out where the harmonies go and having a simple “X” tool (like in Cubase) seems the most convenient approach. This should be considered for any upcoming development.

As an aside, I just finished my first song, using Kevin for the melody and Weina and Solaria for the harmonies. I was very pleased with it… though it was time-consuming since it was the first attempt. I hope to become far more efficient with SV in future projects… hence the need for a muting tool. Great project though. Does anyone know if there will be any more English-language male voice banks coming any time soon?

They talk of Saros a lot right now from the same company that makes solaria. Apparently it was delayed a bit though. There is a fairly new thread about this here SAROS: New English Synthesizer V AI from Eclipsed Sounds - shiwei_migi の #28

As for muting notes, this isn’t part of my workflow so I can’t relate. Also, what is a note in the context? A row in the matrix? A syllable or a midi box?