Dreamtonics, please consider supporting ARA for the synthV plugin.

ARA support would (afaik) allow synthV’s vst to allow tighter integration with the daw transport for daws other than reaper. According to a list I found on the interweb, the daw list that supports ara has grown.

Studio One 4 (ARA2/1), Studio One 3/2.5 (ARA1)
Logic X 10.4.3 (ARA2)
REAPER 5.97 (ARA2)
Cubase 10, Nuendo 10 (ARA2)
Tracktion Waveform (ARA1) - Since v10 - ARA2
Cakewalk/Bandlab SONAR (ARA1) - (seems like) Since 2019.5 - ARA2
MAGIX Sanplitude (ARA1) - Since X5 - ARA2
Acoustica Mixcraft (ARA1) - Since 7.4 - ARA2
Pro Tools (ARA2) - Announced, no full 3P support yet
JUCE since 7.0 has Host/Plug-In support for ARA2.

Are would definitively be awesome :slight_smile:

I of course meant “ARA” not “Are” would be awesome :). The joys of auto-correct

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Agreed. ARA would make a lot of difference.

Workflow enhancing. Less windows to Pfaff about with.

Agreed!!! ARA compatibility is a MUST NEED! I hope to see this soon…maybe… on the 1.10 official version???

Hi all,

I am familiar with ARA but, what specific features are you expecting to see from adding ARA to Synth V? Is it really just for a better transport integration or is there more that you are looking for?

I have used it mainly with Cubase and SpectraLayers / Melodyne. With those apps, I see a huge advantage with the way audio files are easily shared/accessed between the apps. I am not against the idea of adding this integration to Synth V but, I wasn’t sure what features it would add to Synth V. Based on a few of the posts, I am assuming there is other functionality that you want an ARA integration to add. If so, I think it would be good to add those details. Otherwise, you may get ARA added and still not get all the features that you wanted. Each ARA compatible DAW doesn’t necessarily have the same level of integration. For example, Studio One’s integration with Melodyne is more robust than Cubase’s integration. This is because Celemony (Melodyne) partnered with Presonus (Studio One) when they where originally developing the ARA protocol.

I am definitely interested in your ideas regarding ARA and good luck with your request.

One final thing, I have also heard that it is best to e-mail Dreamtonics directly for support and feature requests as this forum’s main purpose is for user to user communication. So, if this is something you really would like to see, you may want to reach out to them.


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Well, Claire shared some good news. It looks like ARA will be added soon and it appears to be adding some nice functionality on top of the transport improvements.