AI to automatically convert songs to SVP

Is it possible to utilize AI to translate vocals extracted from an MP3 track, and convert it to the note and phonetics automatically?, this will reduce 80% of the work, all left is tuning.

This topic has been discussed a bit in this other thread, but for most users tuning is the majority of the work. Charting the notes and entering lyrics is often the least labor-intensive step of the process, unless you’re just using Instant Mode for a quick demo/prototype of a track.

It would be a useful feature, but reducing the work by 80% seems optimistic.

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hmm. Seems like the long way home.

Holly Herndon TED Talk on YouTube:
Sing directly into a microphone and have someone else’s voice come out.

So 100% done as of April 2022. Just waiting for other companies to catch up.

Takes all the work out of making the singer sing the way you want them to, which leaves you with 0% input, which leaves you with 0% performance copyright protection on the AI produced vocals.

@Money_Manager Be careful what you wish for and how you use it.