Please make Lin Lai and Yun Quan available on the Dreamtonics Store for users outside of China

I want to purchase these two voices but would rather not have to go through the tedium of ordering through a proxy service, as proxies are shady (in my opinion). I had purchased Stardust AI and the total ended up being over 200 USD. The average Dreamtonics voice goes for 79.99 USD. If I wanted to order JUST Yun Quan, it would be 106.04 USD when Chinese users got both voices for less. Seems unfair and not so consumer friendly.


I’m really hoping they do it. They did the same with Cheng Xiao, cause it was likely a voice more aimed for the Chinese market. She was, however, released internationally later along with Ninezero. We may get them soon, but who knows when that’ll happen?

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Please remember that this forum is not actively participated by Dreamtonics themselves, nor do they engage in discussions, thus making inquiries here would not be effective. ^^; It would be better to try to contact them via their email, which you can find here: FAQs - READ BEFORE POSTING

For any news about new vocals, we keep track of them on their dedicated threads

Here’s the one for Lin Lai and Yun Quan, should they receive more updates and information.