Issues with SynthV 1.10b and things to fix

after testing the new beta update 1.10, I managed to find some bugs regarding the voicebanks that I think should be fixed, most of them are probably due to the fact that the new pitch model is still in beta, however it is noticeable that all voicebanks have lost some of the strength of their voice (especially those that have Vocal mode power, or else voicebanks like ninezero and cong zheng that are made for rock).
About the bugs I found, we have Kasane teto changing B for P constantly in the English cross language and many of its consonants are not audible, and also the Vocal mode overdrive of ninezero is not working, it practically does not change the vocal, probably due to the new pitch model. Finally the last problem I found, is that most of the voicebanks now have their consonants muted or almost inaudible, although the voices are clearer, and this affects the final quality of the product in mixing and mastering.


A few other users have reported similar observations:

Make sure you send an email to [email protected] so the devs are made aware of your feedback.

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I will mail dreamtonics too about it, thanks <3

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Other issues: Vibrato seems to be inactive since the beta 1.10b. Cannot activate on any voices whereas in previous 1.9 vibrato was never a problem.

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