Can you share content you make in the Synth V trial? Or is a license?

I know the trial always starts up with a trial greeting telling me about using it for production but in what way? Does it mean commercial, original songs that are not sold? Does it include covers?

I feel that it should be a bit more specific. But that might just be me.

“Production” means you are producing content and receiving monetary rewards. For example, selling albums, producing sound tracks for a commercial / broadcast / TV program and running ads on your published contents.


Does this mean that non-commercial works made with the trial are allowed, or not?

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From what @khuasw said, it seems that:
Yes, non-commercial use is allowed. But if you want commercial usage or advertisements to appear on or with your content, maybe even a sponsorship require a proper license. Even then, some commercial restrictions may apply. So you have to look into it further for each voicebank. The terms of service might be useful ^^

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But i do feel that the terms of service does not really shed light on whether its legal to be uploading songs whether its original or a cover, let alone involve monetization.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I am still somewhat confused about this topic.

It’s fine to upload covers and originals without monetization, with monetization up to a certain point is fine too (I think something around $600-700USD?). After that point you should contact Animen about it as they hold the rights to the characters. For Renri I’m not sure, sorry. You’d need to check her TOS on her official website.

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