Gradual tempo increase across a song??

Hi fellow SV users. I wondered if anyone had cracked the challenge of gradual tempo increases across a song?
I have a song that goes from 65BPM to 85BPM over a 3 minute period.
Its a gradual Accelerando rather than stepped changes in tempo.

I’ve tried the usual ‘synchronize with host’ menu option but it doesn’t stay tied to the DAW changes. Putting step tempo changes in breaks feel of the song (and as there are almost 100 individual tempo point in the DAW tempo map manually entering them all is something I’m trying to avoid).

SV Pro v 1.9


I asked roughly the same thing some months ago…

as have a few others, eg.

so far we have no real way of doing this :unamused:
My best suggestion (and a pain to do) is produce fixed tempo vocals and time-stretch them in your DAW :man_shrugging:

EDIT (20 hours after posting the above…)
[Script] Apply MIDI Tempo Map to Project - Resource / 资源 / リソース - Synthesizer V Forum
Claire to the rescue AGAIN!
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Don’t get your hopes up too much with this script.

MIDI files don’t support gradual tempo changes either, so it depends entirely on how/if the DAW encodes that information.


Hi, I finally figured out how to do this in my DAW (Cakewalk) but I presume it should be possible in other DAWs but cannot guarantee that it will.
This allow you to write a lyrics track in SV then import into a DAW that has a song with a variable tempo.

1 - use current DAW to create the music track along with tempo changes as required (mine goes from 65BPM to 86BPM across a 2 minute section). If your DAW has this feature, view the tempo map to confirm it is in place.

Cakewalk tempo track view:

2 - after saving your song in whatever default format is for your DAW, highlight and delete every track. This should leave your Orchestrator track (the tempo track) in place.
3 - save this file as a type 1 midi file.
4 - open SV and open or import the type 1 midi file you just saved. There should be just 1 track (the Orchestrator track) with 0 notes:


5 - now ‘import’/‘import as tracks’ the SV file you are trying to synchronise and you will see the tempo map is retained.

original SV file:

SV file imported after tempo map import:

6 - Save this SV file and then import into your DAW and the SV track is now perfectly synchronised with the DAW tempo map.

NB! - If you are using Cakewalk do not click on the SV option to synchronize with host as this deletes all tempo data from the file and seems to pick up a random tempo value that then sets the tempo for the rest of the song ie it will no longer follow the host tempo but maintain a fixed tempo.

This process removes the need for any programmatical solution.

Hope this helps someone.