My personal problems and solutions for the V1.7-Pro update (Windows)

TL;DR summary: downgrade to V1.61 if you still have the old installer files. Fortunately I’ve saved mine (and the voice databases) into a dedicated backup-folder just in case.

My problems (with the VSTi at least):

  • random results. Example: I have a song which has 2x the text “many drinks”. The first one sounds right, the second one sounds “nrinks”, no matter what I try. Yes, there’s NO “d” in there. In this (easy) case I was able to fix that by spelling it “trinks”. In other cases there was NO solution at all
  • I had to fix about 20 of those issues just to notice that when I re-listen to the song additional NEW problems showed up
  • and now the BIG showstopper: after I had (more or less) fixed everything and it sounded almost good again in my DAW I rendered the song to disk and there were again NEW issues.

I have wasted about 12 hours trying to get the sound back I already had and it never worked 100%, so I went back to the 1.6.1 version.

Steps to go back to V1.61:

  • locate the old V1.61 setup file. The setup-file is always named svstudio-pro-setup.exe, so you have to start it to see which version it is. Cancel the installation after you’ve found the version number
  • uninstall Synthesizer V
  • there’s no uninstall entry for the voice databases, so you have to do this “by hand”: locate the folder with the voice databases, it’s a folder named “databases” and usually somewhere under “Program Files”. Delete or rename that folder.
  • install and register the old version of Synthesizer V and the old voice databases. Do NOT install the voice databases into the old folder, create/chose a different one. Attention: I’ve also tried V1.61 with the newest voice databases, and it crashed my DAW when I loaded the old projects.

So, I hope that this helps someone to NOT waste as much time as I did.

I will just add:

  1. if you follow the above process, remember to deactivate your products first
  2. it is highly recommend to deactivate and uninstall the voices before uninstalling SynthV Studio itself.

Voice uninstallation is done via the License and Updates panel in the SynthV Studio UI, not with an executable uninstaller.

If you do not properly deactivate voices before uninstalling, or if you remove the folder from the filesystem manually without deactivating, your activation code may permanently end up with one fewer uses.

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