Hey, will Stardust AI be sold on Dreamtonics store soon?

I notice you can download the Beta version for Stardust from Dreamtonic’s Beta Page right now, and it looks like they recently updated their website a bit. I WAS SO EXCITED AND RUSHED TO THE DREAMTONICS STORE!
…But I still don’t see Stardust Cries
Also the beta version absolutely slaps so far. Thanks Dreamtonics for banishing Vocaloid 6 back to the Hell that it came from!

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There have been no announcements regarding Xingchen being added to Dreamtonics. Funny enough, they didn’t link her product page on Quadimension taobao though, but did for the other characters. .3.

You can keep track of such updates here:

And here

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Reviewing the news of SOLARIA’s entry into Dreamtonics China store, it is easy to learn that this requires an agreement and license from a third party developer. So it depends not only on DT, but also on Stardust’s developers, and overall it is still very unclear.


If I’m being honest, I don’t think MEDIUM5 (Beijing Photek) is going to be doing that anytime soon as they haven’t even sold Xingchen Minus or Muxin outside of TaoBao. I think MEDIUM5 is just trying to sell without anymore 3rd parties but that’s my guess.

It’s also interesting to see that Solaria’s license was revised to align with the Dreamtonics voice databases. This is speculation but It’s possible that having the EULA consistent across products is a requirement for a third-party voice database to be sold by Dreamtonics directly.

Where can beta Stardust be download? I can’t seem to find it.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to go through ParcelUp to do that, she’s not available on the official international outlets yet, only on Taobao, but buying things from Taobao can be difficult. There’s a set of instruction on the link I provided! (Bless Claire as always.)

She’ll total to about $140, if you’re curious.

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If you’re specifically looking for the 1.8.0b1 version voice databases, the installers were removed with the full release of 1.8.0. The voices themselves did not change, the beta versions were only available for compatibility reasons, so you can safely update to the latest version.

If you are trying to purchase Stardust, it is at least worth trying to set up an AliPay and Taobao account, since buying directly will save you a small amount of money and time, but as was mentioned above many users need to resort to a proxy service.

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