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IIRR there is a MOD post about the etiquette of credits/copyright/IP etc. With the rapid emergence of AI this is becoming a hot topic. I think YT has a strong policy on this. I cant find this posting its around somewhere perhaps someone can pitch in here. Dreamtonics only deals with VB licenses
IMHO it ought to be made a sticky on this board as Im sure we dont want to attract negative disputes over our creativity here. OBTW credits should be made clearly for VBs, Synth V, Video production, Graphics etc all third party input to the presented product (just like the film industry I guess.
FWIW YT guidelines for creators

That’s an awful lot of TLA’s and FLA’s in your post, it took a while to decode it :no_mouth:
I found a few threads on the subject of copyright :-1:

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@mechie BTSOOM :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Do you agree we should have a sticky on Board Etiquette regarding credits/copyright/IP etc
Much of the samples on “Music Releases” seems to fall into the category of PVs at pro-producer level
I did suggest this category should be split into categories for PVs vs original work vs Noob but havent gained traction.
FWIW the VI-C Site has an SV thread strictly devoted to Original work. There at last I found some real music renderings IMHO

@dcuny Grand Pooh started it - very instructive HTH :rofl:

I think a lot of users here maybe don’t understand the acronyms you are using and that can create hesitation to answer. I’m lost for some of them!

And I didn’t quite understand the purpose of the suggestions in the first post either. It’s regulated in the SynthV terms of service how you can attribute the AI voice bank and in which situation you don’t have to, and no one is uploading music here and hiding that they used SynthV to make it? Each product that you use or purchase has their own terms of service like SynthV. If someone has a valid commercial license to use a tool, and uses it according to the terms, why should this forum require higher accountability than that? Sorry, I’m really confused what the suggestion actually was. Am I missing the point? Maybe you could clarify?

Secondly, bit off topic but just briefly regarding your other suggestion in the feedback forum: I looked at forum stats for last 30 days and it was something around 400 active users. That’s not particularly many to start separating into niched sub forums. With the amount of posts made on a daily basis I don’t think segregating channels serves any larger purpose at this point except creating empty channels.

But that’s also in line with my own perspective on this forum - that I’m here to either learn or to teach. If I’m looking for fans for my professional releases, maybe there are better and broader channels out there. But as I said, that’s only my view on this :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes me too.

I was just disappointed at first to see what little original content was offered in the Music Releases category. It seemed over burdened with PV’s and extravagant video/graphics

As a music guy I felt I must be in the wrong room.

Then I found VI-C and its channel of Original SV works and what a breath of fresh air

What I suggest is missing here is guidance on Board Etiquette in that, if using others’ works (audio and visual) then its only polite to give credit . That appears to be noticeably absent in many presentations here.

Otherwise we just end up with ego-promos “look now, listen to me see how clever I am” genre. Hardly in the spirit of shared learning we need on this board.
The PV commercial world out there is highly competitive and ruthless. Our board is a fragile cottage garden by comparison nursing vulnerable creativity.

Its my 10c FWIW. :innocent:

Sorry, i don’t understand what a PV is :sweat_smile:

Do you mean covers of other songs? I don’t always find it super interesting from a aesthetic perspective but it is a good way of showcasing what the software can do since you have something obvious to compare it with (the original).

What I suggest is missing here is guidance on Board Etiquette in that, if using others’ works (audio and visual) then its only polite to give credit . That appears to be noticeably absent in many presentations here.

Otherwise we just end up with ego-promos “look now, listen to me see how clever I am” genre.

Are you saying people are posting songs that they didn’t make? Or that they don’t give credit properly? Like the post for “Can’t help falling in love” should’ve explicitly named Elvis Presley in case someone didn’t already know? Or do you mean there should be a higher requirement for posting details about the production process for learners instead of just “look at my new song”-posts?

It feels like you have a more special usecase you’re referring to as an example, cause I can’t apply these reflections in general on the forum. But I haven’t been here very long either, so maybe what you say has been happening for a while before me :man_shrugging:t2:

common expression Promotional video | Article about Promotional video by The Free Dictionary

originally from MTV cable network 80’s

Right, but how does crediting sources help with this? I feel like what you’re asking for is some kind of template for posting music where the creator lists the production process and what tools were used and how. Is that what you mean with credit? Because that might be useful for some for sure.

Else I don’t get how crediting sources would counter your impression of spammed personal promotion.

Here’s an example off the top of the deck - a lot of them like this - no credits

Credits in YT as required (or you get banned)
Originally by: @SvrcinaSongs
Link to original video: • SVRCINA - Meet Me…
Instrumental: Made by me
Voice used: Solaria
Tuning and mixing by me

You see - simple accepted courtesy - whats not to like?

Maybe a channel where you could more explicitly request feedback on how to achieve something could work, but I also feel it’s quite easy doing this is your own post if you want it. Bottom line is that we still are a bit too few users to make too many sub forums. A board generally dies when too many channels with too little content :grimacing:

So in this example you refer to people making covers of other artists’ songs and using AI voice instead? I haven’t listened too much to those posts so understandable that we have different experiences then. I also think that this example could write a bit more about the thought and the process, as well as some background information. Right now it doesn’t give me any incentive to care.

And to clarify: I agree that you should credit original artists if that’s what you base your creations on. But I don’t see any reason for us to police how credit is being made on other platforms here.

BTW the whole issue of Cover Songs and licensing is dealt with here

I’m not trying to rain on a creator’s parade, simply point out industry practice which should not be ignored even on our small board.

Notice that the whole AI copy/IP issue has blown up in the press recently and is attracting bad karma

IMHO would should tidy up our act here and play nice.

Definition - a PV is a Producer advertising their brand for monetisation purposes- in our Childrens Playground

Can you imagine a hoard of Ice Cream vans outside the gates all blaring at the kids :money_mouth_face:

I don’t disagree, I just feel like you’re talking about two separate things.

Giving credit is a mechanical thing, it’s quite well established regardless of if we write it down or not. If people don’t follow those directives, it’s a mechanical fault.

Producers self-promoting is a subjective emotional thing. Some like it, some don’t. But it doesn’t necessarily interfere with the methodology of posting correctly. This is why I don’t understand what it is you’re actually suggesting.

It sounds that you want to make guidelines for correctly posting credits, but I get the feeling that you actually want self promoting artists gone.

One option for consideration world be to have two “Music Releases” channels:

Music Releases (Original)
Music Releases (Cover/PV)

I think forum users should be encouraged to credit copyright material correctly but not policed.

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Maybe it could be sorted with tags as well, for a less interfering solution.

I think credits should always be posted here if relevant and required by terms of service, like OP suggested. But I don’t think we should police what someone writes on YouTube, which i interpreted the suggestion as saying it should be a bannable offence here if written incorrectly there.

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I never said anything about “policing” - simply a “sticky” on the OP title

Yes two channels Originals - Cover/PV that’ll do it - not hard surely

No I never said anything like that - gross misdirection here

My mission is clear - a sticky with guidelines for creators regarding customary credits as used in the industry and Ive given an example from another respected board VI-C

Aha, you probably just gave an example of how credits are required in YouTube. I didn’t get that it was a headline of your example, and thought that it was part of the example :sweat_smile: sorry

That’s how I interpreted it too. I think we are all singing from the same music sheet though.

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